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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 49 (2007) 10, 719 - 728


Proposal for a treatment law based on the Scottish mode

J.A.G. van Opstal, S. Lammers

Even after recent amendments and proposed modifications, the Dutch law on special admissions to psychiatric hospitals ('Bopz') is still primarily a law on admissions, whereas what psychiatry and society in general urgently require is a law on treatment. In October, 2005, in Scotland a new law concerning the care and treatment of psychiatric patients came into force: the Mental Health (Care and treatment) Act 2003 ('Act'). This new law can in fact be designated a treatment law. In this article the Scottish Act is compared to the Bopz. The comparison shows that Scotland has in fact developed a law which may provide an answer to the inadequacies of the Bopz.



keywords involuntary commitment, law, Scotland, Wet bijzondere opnemingen in psychiatrische ziekenhuizen (Bopz)