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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 44 (2002) 11, 773 - 782

New research

The influence of cognitive deficits on the social outcome of schizophrenia

M. van der Gaag, J. van Os

background Cognitive deficits are quite characteristic in people with schizophrenia. Despite improved symptomatic treatments, the outcome in schizophrenia has not improved very much in the last century. Probably this is due to serious cognitive deficits that characterize many patients.
aim The description of the associations of cognitive deficits and the outcome of patients with schizophrenia.
method Literature search using Medline and Psychlit (1992-2002).
results Cognitive deficits are primary in schizophrenia. The deficits are quite independent of other symptoms en are the best predictors of outcome in schizophrenia. Relatives also have cognitive deficits, but more mildly. Improving cognitive functioning can be established in a modest way by atypical antipsychotic agents and by training. The effects of these interventions on outcome still have to be researched.
conclusion Assessing learning deficits during diagnosis and treatment is recommended to design more specific interventions.

keywords cognition, neurodevelopment, outcome, risk factor