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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 48 (2006) 5, 389 - 393

Short report

The psychiatrist working in a multidisciplinary team and the revised profile of the psychiatrist

R.J.A. ten Doesschate, J.H. Hubben

The document entitled 'Herziene Profielsschets Psychiater (Revised Profile of a Psychiatrist)' contains the following statement: 'Belonging to and working in a multidisciplinary team does not invalidate one of the fundamental rules of psychiatric practice according to which the psychiatrist can only refer a patient for investigation and treatment if he himself has actually seen the patient'. This statement overlooks the fact that many psychiatrists are employees i.e. they work in hospitals or group practices, and are not in private practice. As employees they fall under a larger body of legal and organisational rules and regulations than do psychiatrists in private practice. The revised profile fails to take this aspect into account.

keywords indication, multidisciplinary cooperation, profile, psychiatrist