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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 46 (2004) 10, 659 - 664

Short report

Instruments for measuring psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents

R.F. Ferdinand, M.H.M. van Lier, G.H.F van der Most, P.F.A. de Nijs, C.G. Reichart, F.H.W. Dekkers

summary  In clinical practice various assessments tools are available for use with children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders. The tools can be used for screening and diagnosis and for measuring the severity of the disorder. This article reviews the general assessment tools available and those instruments that are specifically designed to detect pervasive developmental disorders, attention-deficit and disruptive behaviour disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and somatoform disorders in children and adolescents.

keywords adolescent psychiatry, assessment, child psychiatry