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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 44 (2002) 6, 397 - 402

Short report

Mood disorders during pregnancy and post partum period

E.A.M. Knoppert-van der Klein, I.M. van Vliet, C.J. Sleeboom-van Raaij

summary Prevalences of depression during and outside of pregnancy are roughly equal. The relapse frequency of bipolar disorder is possibly lower during pregnancy. In the post partum period women are very vulnerable to the occurrence (recurrence) of mood disorders. Special risk factors for the onset or recurrence of mood disorders in the post partum period are previous mood disorders, prior postpartum psychosis, or mood disorder during pregnancy. In calculating the risks for mother and child, it is important to formulate individual medication strategies during pregnancy and postpartum.

keywords mood disorders, post partum period, pregnancy