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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 37 (1995) 3

New research

Psychosocial treatment for demented elderly patients

J. Dröes

In this article an overview is given of ten different methods of psychosocial treatment for dementia patients, such as psychotherapy, psychomotor therapy, behavior modification, remotivation and resocialisation therapy, reminiscence groups, reality orientation training, activity groups, Validation and normalisation of the living pattern and the environment.

It becomes clear that in the past two decennia there is an increasing interest for the experiences of the elderly person. Whereas in the seventies most interventions were behavior therapeutic, in the recent years more and more treatment methods are based on psychodynamic and interactional theories. There is an increasing comprehension for the often bizar behavior of demented elderly people. This opens perspectives for the treatment of this group of patients.