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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 35 (1993) 3

New research

Alcohol dependence and psychopathology

J.A.M. Rutgers, C.A.J. de Jong

is wel known that alcohol dependence and psychopathology frequently occur together. The aim of this study is to explore this relation in more detail.

The study was conducted in 131 patients consecutively admitted to a general or a categorical psychiatric hospital. These subpopulations differred considerably regarding Axis I pathology (DSM-III-R), but the subjective severity of the psychiatric condition was more or less the same.

Alcohol dependence was assessed with the MALT and a structured interview for the DSM-III-R criteria for alcohol dependence. The severity of psychopathology was assessed with the SCL-90. The psychiatric diagnosis according to DSM-III-R was made with diagnostic outlines.

In the population studied there is a substantial comorbidity between alcohol dependence and psychopathology. Although there is a positive relation between the severity of alcohol dependence and the severity of psychopathology the association is weak.

Based upon the diagnosis in the two populations most patients are admitted correctly in the general or the categorial psychiatric hospital.