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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 34 (1992) 9

New research

H.N. Sno, R.A. Schoevers, E.H.H. Wiltink, D. Molenaar

On perfusion and confusion

New research

B.P.M. van Nesselrooij, J.M. Garbis-Berkvens, P.W.J. Peters

Psychotropic drug use during pregnancy and lacta

New research

M.C.J. Cuisinier, C.P.H.M. de Graauw, J.C. Kuijpers, C.A.L. Hoogduin, A. van Minnen

Assessing grief after a pregnancy loss

New research

A.M. Pot, R. van Dyck

The impact of care for a demented family member: a review of the literature

New research

D. van Putte

Paraphilias: A male problem?