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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 34 (1992) 8

New research

Day-treatment versus inpatient treatment for psychiatric patients in need of admission: longitudinal effects on social role-functioning studied by means of randomized trial

M. Rüphan, H. Kluiter, F.J. Nienhuis, D. Wiersma, R. Giel

The level of social dysfunctioning of 64 experimental patients was compared with the same of 27 control patients on eight roles of social functioning at time of admission and one and two years after entry into the study. Regardless of the type of treatment social dysfunctioning decreased significantly in all social roles during the study-period. The one exception was the parental role, which did not improve. Results for experimental patients were significantly better concerning the restoration of selfcare skills and the mean duration (in months) of problems with self-care and daily family life of this group was significantly shorter. The results are tentatively explained by a stronger staff-support of these aspects of social functioning in combination with a day-treatment program. The importance of a differentiated assessment of the course of social functioning, independent from that of symptomatology is stressed.