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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 34 (1992) 8

New research

Bipolar depression; an educational multi-family group programme approach

A. Hofman, A. Honig, M. Vossen

Unlike Schizophrenia, psychoeducation is as yet not implemented in regular day to day psychiatry. Yet arguments in favour of psychoeducation in Schizophrenia hold as well for Bipolar Disorder. In this study, preliminary results of an educational multi-family group for non residential patients with a Biplar Disorder, together with their spouses or other close relatives, are discussed. It appears to be a powerful means to involve both patient and partner in a more active and assertive role in treatment. The programme has a positive effect on acceptation of the disease. The participants learn to analyse the prodromes of illness and learn to describe a way in which interventions could best take place. It is felt that this form of psychoeducation is a useful adjunct in the treatment of bipolar disorder.