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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 34 (1992) 2

New research

Practical aspects of electro convulsive therapy

J.J.M. van Hoof, B.C.M. Raes

In view of the growing interest in the application of ECT, the most important aspects which are new or controversial in this field are discussed: position of electrodes, stimulus-type, determination of current-threshold, duration of the seizure, EEG-monitoring and frequency and duration of treatment. The main conclusions are: the D'Elia-position of the electrodes and the brief pulse stimulus are preferred, the sinusoidal stimulus is considered as obsolete. Simultaneous EEG-monitoring is advised.

Indications for ECT and psychometric evaluation are beyond the scope of this article, the aim of which is to strive towards a uniform procedure in the use of ECT.