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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 33 (1991) 10

New research

Carbamazepine in schizophrenia: a review

J.A. Buddingh, J.W. Louwerens, J. Korf, C.J. Slooff

In this article we review the literature on carbamazepine in schizophrenia. The results are consistent: psychotic symptoms do not change under carbamazepine, but in patients characterised by aggressive behaviour and excitement, significant symptom reduction may occur. Blood levels of neuroleptics may drop 40-60% within weeks. This can be accompanied by an exacerbation of psychotic symptoms. Monotherapy with carbamazepine is not supported by the results of the reviewed studies. As an adjunctive to neuroleptics it may be prescribed to patients with acute or chronic overt aggressive behaviour or excitement. In case of an exacerbation of the psychotic symptoms blood levels of neuroleptics should be monitored.

keywords carbamazepine, schizophrenia