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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 44 (2002) 10, 687 - 692

Review article

Panic disorder during pregnancy

S.M.L. Vogel-Mergaerts, D. Liessens

background Panic disorder during pregnancy is not a rare problem.
aim To give an overview of literature concerning the course of panic disorder during pregnancy and the etiology of panic disorder. Also to give a review of treatment guidelines.
method The literature was selected by means of a Medline and Embase search, both from 1985 to 2001, using as key words panic disorder, pregnancy, treatment, farmacotherapy, and psychotherapy. results and conclusion There is little systematic research about panic disorder during pregnancy. The few findings show a variable course of panic disorder during pregnancy. No predictors or new etiological explanations were found. There is no specific treatment management. It has to be cautious and individual. Cognitive behavioural treatment is the first choice treatment. When this is insufficient, psychoactive therapy is indicated.

keywords farmacotherapy, panic disorder, pregnancy, psychotherapy